Collections Currently available for preorder:

KATM Countdown Calendar : Due to arrive in Bundlebarn within 4-6 weeks of August 17th. Extra delays may occur. 

How do preorders work?

Preordering refers to ordering fabric that is not yet in our shop! This allows you to call first dibs and not miss out on any of the good fabric. 

Can I add other stuff to my cart when making a preorder order?
Certainly! Just make sure that you are ok with waiting for all items in your order to ship at once, when the preorder items arrive! If you order in stock and preorder items in the same order, your order will be held until everything can ship together. If you need your other fabric now, it is best to make a separate order. 

When will my preorder ship?
All preorders will be cut and processed in the order that they are received, and shipped within the next 1-2 business days, depending on order volume! Each collection will list a tentative ETA of Bundlebarn is expecting to receive the fabric, so that you can know when you expect your order to ship.